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Live 4 Bikes

14328 woodruff Ave
Bellflower CA 90706

Mon-Fri 10-7pm
Sat 10-5pm
Sun 11-4pm



A one stop Bicycle store shop. Road bikes ,mountain fixie , bmx, hybrid trike and full service. We also buy sell trade bikes.


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Top 10 season why not to buy your bike from Supa-Mart USA

Top 10 season why not to buy your bike from Supa-Mart USA


10. People will make fun of you if you ride a Supa-Mart bike .It is a sign of no style and low class.

9. You can’t customize your bike at Supa-Mart. Only specialties stores like Live 4 Bikes can make your bike just the way you want. Sup-Mart bikes are generic and are not original at all.

8.  Buying and supporting Supa-Mart will hurt your local small business.  Big corporations are more likely to pay fewer taxes than small business.  Rich corporations are the ones who write tax laws. Taxes from local business will help your city stay looking and running well.

7.  For every one job Supa-Mart creates three are lost elsewhere.  Think about this one if you are out of work now.

6.  You can get better customer service at Live 4 Bikes and at your local bike store.

5. There are no crying babies and crazy little kids while you wait in line at Live 4 bikes

4.  Live 4 bikes is highly knowledgeable and specializes in bikes, repairs, maintenance and flat tire support and labor.

3. Not all bike and people are the same and different people need different kinds of bikes and sizes.

2.  Supa-Mart employees are paid per assembled bike and not the quality of the assembly job. Their quality of a bike builds are not a priority.

1. Most of Supa-Mart bikes are low quality and are made to last no more than 1 year.  Buying a bike a year doesn’t seem like a good deal after all, right?  Even one minor repair might cost more than the whole bike is worth. 

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