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A one stop Bicycle store shop. Road bikes ,mountain fixie , bmx, hybrid trike and full service. We also buy sell trade bikes.


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Interview with the CEO of Zycle Fix Bicycle Company by Carlos Becerra (Bike Shop Owner and Bike Mechanic) of Review sale customer

Bike Company CEO Interview with Live 4 Bikes
1. What is your first memory of you on a bike?  
My first memory of course when I was a kid.  Riding my mongoose in the back yard the day after Christmas, I don't think I ever felt so free.
2. What kind of bike do you ride and how often? 
I ride a Zycle Fix Dark Shadows.  Typically on weekends or whenever I can hit the SG Riverbed close to my office.
3. Can you tell us how your business got started?  
Zycle Fix began three years ago. I realized the importance of bicycles, health wise, environment, and how financially sound of an idea it really is. Less gas, less pollution, less expense, and I wanted to be a part of that.
4. What is your business model? 
My idea behind Zycle Fix is to build it as an affordable bicycle company with an attention not just to price but quality and detail.
5.Where do you see your business in five years?  
Taking our growth as a projection, we believe we will have established ourselves as a premier bicycle company, we sell our lines of Fixed Gear; We Ride Hard Fast Fixed,and the FGFS Cobras series, but we also have other lines; Beach Cruisers, City Bikes, Road Bikes. We expect to double and triple our sales in each of these lines in the next five years.
6. Some people like the boxer Mayweather are opening in their business for the money. What is it about bikes that you feel passionate about? 
I come from a business all together different, and what makes me feel great even passionate of the bicycle community is the well-being that the cycling promotes.
Or are you just in business of bicycles for the money? 
I don't think any real business person goes into a business just for fun, at the end it is about the bottom line, but you can choose which product or service you provide and sell.  I choose bicycles because it really is a great product to promote.
7.Can you tell me what makes your brand different and better than your competitors? Tell me technical and performance specifics?  
Well, fixed gear bicycles have exploded in the past two years, with many different vendors and brands. What really separates Zycle Fix from other lines is that we really pay attention to the small details. We won't produce ANY colorway or bicycle that we wouldn't ride ourselves. They have to look great, and ride great!
8. Are any professional riders using your bikes? If so who? Or who rides your bikes?
We don't have "professional" riders, instead we focus on riders from our target demographic, street riders. We have riders in Los Angeles, New York, Puerto Rico, and now in Mexico City, and Guadalajara.
9. Can you tell me the thoughts behind your entree level models and your advance models?  
We produce our entry level bicycles with good quality components such as Neco, Kenda, and Promax. Our higher end line is made out of alloy, and soon Cr-Mo. 
10. Can you please tell our viewers and us why they should buy and ride your brand?
You should buy Zycle Fix Bicycles because it simply is a great bike!  We use good quality components and our bicycles are so stylish that you are sure to turn some heads, plus the added feature of customization.

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