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3G Beach Cruisers Bicycles Review by Carlos Becerra At Live 4 Bikes and

3G Beach cruisers Bicycle Review by Carlos Becerra At Live 4 Bikes and


 One again thanks to everyone for tuning into the 3G Beach Cruiser Bicycles.

I love when I get to write about companies that have heart and passion when it comes to their business and products just like Gary does for 3G bikes. Off the bat I can tell you that 3G bikes are the best beach cruisers around and are worth every dollar spent. Although Live 4 Bikes always has plenty of 3G beach cruises in stock we will be professional and objective in this review by touching on both the pros and cons of a 3G bike.

The Pros:

3G bikes have the best feel and this is because of the geometry of the frames. The bikes fit like a glove no matter how tall or short you may be. For those tall folks 3G beach cruisers are an absolute must. Compared to local department store, 3G beach cruisers are like riding on a cloud. 3G nailed it, starting with the handle bars being set the right width apart, unlike other beach cruisers brands that sometimes have their handlebars to close together or too far apart. 3G beach cruisers frames provide plenty of room and length which is one of the main reasons these bikes are perfect for the tall and husky.  No matter your height or size you are going to love the smooth ride of a 3G bike.  Another thing that Live 4 Bikes loves about a 3G bike is their tire quality. We understand that a good tire can make all the difference and as far as we are concern 3G is well aware of this, hence the signature tires you see rolling around on their bikes. The tires on the Venice, Newport and the Santa Cruiser models are great quality, durable, smooth and eye catching.   Another notable and great quality on a 3G is their signature flat black or silver look. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a pro or a con but we say PRO!

Their selection is spot on.  The “Isla Vista” single speed is a great and economically priced beach cruiser, the best thing about it that you don’t lose that classic 3G geometry and feel.  Next, the “Venice” is a big more intricate with its upgraded parts such as its cranks, wheels, tires and chain and to top it off it comes in a single speed, 3 speed or 7 speed. The “Newport” and the “Newport Deluxe” (aluminum frame) are for those who like the look of those thick tires, these beach cruiser bikes come standard with 26"x3.45" Slick Boa-G's tires and 26x3” wheels. 3G do sell these wheels separately but make sure your bike has enough room for a 26"x3.45" Slick Boa-G's tire. The “Newport” comes in single speed Hi-ten steel, aluminum or 3 speed steel or 3 speed aluminum.  The “Santa Cruz” cruiser is similar to the “Newport” but is a bit more affordable.  Don’t panic! 3G didn’t for about the little ones, the “Puck 24” is just what you are looking for in a small beach cruiser.  The list does not stop there, 3G also provides you with fixies, trikes ( 3 wheelers ), city bikes, 20” kids beach cruisers, Ez over rental bikes and tandems all great prices and all with high quality components.





The cons:

It’s really hard to even say anything negative about 3G but to be fair we will go over some of items we believe will only better 3G.  As mentioned in the Pros the colors selection 3G has are nice and classy but it would be nice to spice it up with a few color options when it comes to the men selection. The women selection has a variety of colors to choose from such as blue, yellow, white and one of my favorites the pastel green. While on the subject of women cruisers, one thing that I would have to mention is the look of their top tube.  In my opinion they are a little too high and it makes the bike look a little weird.  Don’t get me wrong even the women bikes fit like a glove and ride like a dream, it’s just that the look is not one of my favorite.  On the other hand, it really does not matter what I think about the look, most women seem to like them just fine.  Another thing to keep in mind with the women bikes is space to place a basket, most of the models other than the Isla Vista which has a 1” steer tube, all have a 1-1/8 steer tube that require a unique type of basket that bolts on to the handlebar and wheel axel only.  Usually the Wald brand baskets fit just fine. 


Not that they are top sellers but for those stretch cruiser buffs sorry to say 3G has none, along with no 29er either.


In closing, if you were to ask me if you should buy a 3G beach or another brand, without any hesitation I would tell you to by yourself and anyone you know a 3G bike. Dollar for dollar, 3G give you lots of bang for your buck.  It’s a great quality bike that is going to last a long time, feels great and looks awesome! There is a saying, “The good feeling of buying cheap is quickly lost when the feeling of poor quality sets in”. With 3G, you are going to feel satisfied and have no regrets on making such a smart purchase.  Here at Live 4 Bikes we find that when we put people on the right bike they ride more, enjoy the bike and are more likely to come back and buy some accessories for their new bikes.  A 3G beach cruiser is the right bike for cruising at the beach, riding on the river bed (flood control) or just around the block.  You can’t go wrong with a 3G beach cruiser!



Carlos Becerra at and





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